Friday, February 26, 2010

planning for deployment...

Wow!  It amazes me how things can change over the course of one week!  While nothing is absolutely official yet, Tom has been informed that he will be deploying with his unit to Afghanistan in July of this year.  As Tom puts it, "Its not official 'till I'm in the bird and we're taking off."  Regardless, this is what he's been told, and therefore, what we are planning and preparing for.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that


We want to be sure that we spend some precious quality time with Tom before he leaves to serve and protect or country.  What I'm preparing for is Bella and I moving out there for 6-8 weeks prior to his departure date (which we estimate is July 1st).  And what does that mean exactly?
It means that I've got a number of bases to cover before we depart:

1) Find a temporary replacement for myself at work from May-June
Jade has graciously afforded this time off to me.  I will be coming back during the 6-8 weeks to perform some of my duties that we feel would be easier for me to return to do rather than train the temp to do.

2)Inform Bella's school that she'll be ending the year early.
Bella's school year ends on May 24th.  We would be leaving a few weeks before then which means she'll miss out on her graduation ceremony. 

3)Inform my church family of our plans and ask for prayer.
I'll have to be taken off of the preschool teaching schedule and the praise team for May, June and possibly July. 

4)Set and actual departure date and determine what stays and what goes.
Being that we'll only be gone for 2 months, its not like we'll need everything including the kitchen sink.  It might include sending a few boxes over parcel post, but who knows. 

Items 1 and 2 are already well under way.  Today I interviewed an amazing candidate that I came across through a staffing agency.  She was laid off due to the economic downturn, but the woman actually has WAY more experience than I do!  Twenty years and a degree more experience!!  I really liked her and think she would be a great fit here.  I've also talked to the director at Bella's school.  They have agreed to pro-rate the month of May and to keep her slot open for the Pre-K 4 year.
Items 3 and 4 can get underway!  I am absolutely elated to be FINALLY going to be with my husband.  I am not going to worry about what we'll do if he ends up not being deployed.  I will do as it says in Matthew 6:34:

"Therefore I say to you do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own."


Tia said...

Sorry but you'll just have to come back to teach those preschool classes girl. I'm not budging! Just kidding....but what will I DO without you! We are going to miss you girls like crazy! HEY! That means you had better post more and add photos of all the fun stuff you'll be doing in NC!!!

Acadia Hughes Photography said...

My prayers are with you sweetie! I am so happy that you will finally be able to be with your husband! I know what that feels like... every year, my husband leaves for a six month deployment and it always kills me. Congrats, and peace be with you.