Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Following in Nono's Footsteps???

This short post is dedicated to Annabella and her photography skills.  Since I have a small, very easy-to-use camera, I often let her take it around the apartment and take photographs of...well...whatever she pleases.  Her are just a few shots that she took.  Keep in mind, that whenever my camera was returned to me, there would be anywhere from 20 to 100 new photos.  Photos of EVERYTHING.  From the air conditioning vent to the back of her hand - she likes to photograph it all.  Enjoy!

The couch

Bella's Room #1

Bella's Room #2

Self-Portrait #1

Self-Portrait #2

Silly Daddy

1 comment:

bearlythr said...

Her room looks huge, at least by Hawaii standards and I love her self portraits but she needs to smile : )
Love you all, including silly Daddy