Monday, June 14, 2010

settling in...

As of tomorrow, Bella and I will have been together for an entire week.  It feels really nice to finally be here and not have to worry about getting the house together, the meals together and my husband prepared for my next imminent premature departure.  I am thoroughly enjoying taking my time re-organizing our lovely little apartment, planning our meals for the week, getting reacquainted with my husband and getting more familiar with our life as a family unit.  It is sometimes awkward but always a learning/growing experience.  We are truly blessed to have this time together and I know we will always look back on it with fondness. 
Today I am focusing on getting the master bedroom organized and tidied up.  It will be a challenge to fit me and Tom's things together (especially with all those shoes!) - but with a few smart organizational tools, and my savvy regarding puzzle solving, I know it'll work out.
Well, I'd better get going - Tom will be home in 45 minutes for lunch!

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KJ said...

Glad to hear you are all together again! Enjoy the time!