Tuesday, May 4, 2010

T Minus 33 Days

so here I am.  33 days left until Bella and I are reunited with my husband and we can live together as a family.  FINALLY.  We are flying out sometime in the second week of June - most likely the 6th or 7th - I'll be booking our tickets this week.  The three of us are nothing less than absolutely ecstatic to be together.  But HOLY MOLY there is so much to do in the next few weeks.

  • deciding what to take, what not to take? 
  • getting any paperwork Bella and I might need over there together
  • Registering at Ft. Bragg with ACS and CYSS
  • Getting Bella set up for continuing gymnastics and starting ballet in NC
  • setting up our road trip to Maine in mid-June
  • notifying the appropriate people of our "hiatus' " in Hawaii : Bella's current gym, Avon, etc.
  • post and sell remaining wedding items on ebay
I'm confident it will all get done - I've certainly got the motivation!  It's also looking like Bella and I will be back in Hawaii for the month of August.  Everything is so uncertain with the military that all I can do to keep my sanity is plan for the worst and hope for the best.  In planning for the worst, Bella and I would return to Hawaii for the month of August and from there plan out the rest of the year - whether that means staying in Hawaii or returning again to NC.  I know what my heart desires, I can only pray that it would be as God desires as well.

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Hope said...

How beautiful the reunion will be in June. I'll hold all of you close to my heart.