Thursday, August 27, 2009

That First Wonderful Evening...

He mad me go parasailing during that first week we were together...

Tom's mom is making us a scrapbook as part of our wedding present, and in an email she recently sent, this is what she asked:
"ok having a scrapbooking brain phart and I need your help I need your first thoughts when you first actually met Tom I sent the same request to him ."

Dinner at my parents house...

I really enjoyed recalling that first intense night when we met in person, and thought I would share it with you all. Here's what I wrote back:

Do you mean first thoughts like the first time he came to Hawaii? There were a few instances of “first thoughts”. There was when I saw him come down the escalator in the airport toward the baggage claim , and I knew immediately that it was him. I felt my face flush red immediately, my heart rate increased by a good 40 bpms and my stomach was doing flips. I could not believe that after months and months of intense “virtual” contact that we were going to finally get to “meet” each other. I saw his goofy smile (and noticed his awful Patriots hat – don’t tell him that) as he walked toward me and I remember thinking – “oh good, he’s really tall.” We’d talked endlessly about what we would do when we first met each other and I think we both had these visions of grandeur – hearing the heavens open and the chorus of angels, feeling the world stop spinning for that moment in time and him sweeping me off my feet. Instead, there was a nervous, but long and warm hug, while I began to giggle like a school girl ( I do that when I’m nervous – notice the pictures from the night of the engagement). I remember loving that he gave good hugs. A wimpy hug is about as impressive as the “dead-fish handshake”.
Later that night, after he’d checked in to the Hale Koa, we stopped over at my the restaurant where my friend was a server, The Yard House. We held hands as we walked over and I loved how big his hands were! Our conversation flowed so easily – and we both had these silly smiles plastered on our faces and could not stop staring at each other. At one point – I think while we waited for our dinner, he had put his arm around me and I just kept thinking, “man this feels SO right.” There’s always that chance that things would have been overtly awkward and that the spark would not have been there but that was far from the truth. It felt good. It felt true. And it felt right. I was extremely comfortable with him – I was still nervous of course. Wondering if I was making a good impression – if he liked me as much as I knew I liked him. The night ended blissfully and I could hardly force myself to leave him that night. I remember my mom asking me the next morning, “so….do we like him?” And I answered (gushed, really) “ I DO!! I REALLY DO!!!”

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Kevin and Rachel said...

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, it's so ROMANTIC! Thanks for sharing! **sigh**