Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stamps, Travels and Surgery

There's not too much on the home front to report - just little tidbits. Some good, some not so good. I survived the two weeks that my parents were gone on the mainland - it is really hard to work full time, be a mom to three and run a household with 6 dogs! But we did it - with much help from my brother and nephew. It was actually quite enjoyable despite that hard work. I am closer to finishing the invitations - not done - but closer. One more large hurdle involving the addressing and then some more simple construction and voila! We will have invitations. We wanted to go with some really cool personalized postage but its gonna end up costing an arm and a leg. The selections on the USPS website are slightly less than impressive...but I can't justify spending $1.00 on a $0.61 stamp! It would have been awesome though...

Also, I got the go ahead from my mom to extend the honeymoon....I'M GOING TO NORTH CAROLINA!!! We return from Kauai on Friday evening, then will be at home and fly out to NC on Monday evening! I am so stoked!!! She agreed to keep Bella as well and that is so awesome!!! It will be really hard being away from her that long - I feel bad enough having her at school and then dragging her to the gym for another hour and a half. I am thrilled to no end to have that extra time with my new husbad though!
Speaking of the gym, I've lost 4 pounds and that blows my mind! I think switching a few things up has really helped. Going from just jogging to interval training on the treadmill and throwing in some weight training has been great. I love being sore - it makes me feel like I put in a good effort at the gym. Also, eating more frequent, small meals is definitely boosting my metabolism and my energy! And I've been less moody- which is good for everyone! It is so easy to just not eat, but my eyes are being opened to how that is so much worse in the long run for a lot of reasons.
I learned yesterday that my sister has another hernia in her abdomen and is going to have another surgery to correct that. My heart goes out to her cause I know this is the worst timing. Not that theres ever "good timing" for a hernia. She has a lot going on and a lot of people depending on her. Please pray for her and her family. And Tia- you know I got your back girl. Whatever you need don't hesitate to say it!

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