Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Annabella!!!

To my Bella,
You, sweet girl, turn 5 today.  
As eyes burn with welling tears, all I can do is PRAISE THE LORD  for giving you to me.  You are truly a gift from heaven and I am grateful to Him who sent you for more reasons than I can explain.  You are the reason I came "home".  Home to Him and home to Hawaii. 
I love you, precious child.

On April 30th, 2006, I arrived, with your Noni, at Memorial Regional Hospital, in Mechanicsville, Virginia to be induced because the doctor thought you would be a big baby.  And at 38 weeks, you were 8lbs, 9 ozs, so maybe, had I waited, you could have given your brother (9 lbs, 12 ozs) a run for his money.  
The next morning, before 7am, my waters were broken and the nurses administered pitocin to bring on labor.  Because the contractions were TOO strong, I also had an epidural.  After a few hours of this nonsense, you decided you were ready to join the world on the outside of the womb.  At about 2 o'clock, with Noni by my side, I began to push.  You were an easy baby to deliver. After just a few short pushes, you were born at 2:22pm, purple and screaming.  You were MAD!!!  And you were perfect.  They laid you on my belly and my heartstrings were tied immediately and forever, to yours.  From that moment I forever would wear my heart outside my body.  You changed my life in so many ways, little one.  

 And you continue to.  You are a beautiful shining light, my Annabella.  You are vivacious and tenacious and a force to be reckoned with.  Frankly, child, you remind me  As much as I like to imagine that I am (one of) your teachers, it is with a happy heart that I fully admit:  you teach me.  

You are a dreamer, a free-spirited tiny dancer, a whisperer of silly secrets. 
My supergirl, my late-sleeper, my explainer of "destructions."
A precious first-baby, and awesome BIG sister, a beautiful daughter, and a precious granddaughter.  I wouldn't - couldn't - trade any of this (you) for anything in the world.  You are loved, my grace-and-beauty baby.  Forever. 


bearlythr said...

This child actually led me back to the Lord.
I was inclined to do harm to someone when prayer was called for. So, praying in the garden of the Catholic hospital, with a rosary I bought in the "gift shop" {and yes what a gift!!) where this precious child was born, I started back to the Lord.
A hard place this child started from, but you, Lisa, chose life and you chose Him. And look what a gift Bella has so many of us. The years have flown ..kiss and hug her for me please. And while you are at it....kiss all the other lil ones, big ones too and tell all I miss and love them.

Krystal said...

Happy belated birthday Bella! I can't believe how big and old she is getting! Hope all is well with you and your family!

Mom of 12 said...

Way cute! Happy late Birthday!